Hi, My name is Sarah Herman.

I’m a Body acceptance and intuitive movement Coach, and a Certified PT!

When you respect your body, you love your body.

I help women THRIVE in life rather than just survive.

My goal is to share and show how to live a full, happy, healthy and satisfying life WITHOUT RULES, RESTRICTION, OR RESERVATIONS.

For many years, I lived in extreme restriction and struggled with compulsive over-exercise. But, I now live freely - choosing what I want to eat and how I want to move based off how my body feels instaed of how it looks!

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I battled an eating disorder for about 8 years of my life. Living a life of restriction and over-exercising, believing that this was the only way to have the "perfect" and "ideal" body that would in turn make me happy and healthy.

My laundry list of rules, guidelines and expectations created a fear of living, of changing my ways, of getting out of my comfort zone. My relationship with food, exercise, my body and with those around me had all deteriorated and I was tired of living that way - sound familiar?

Through recovery, I was able to unleash negative thoughts around my body, learn my worth outside of aesthetics and find food freedom. I decided, that to be my happiest and healthiest self, I had be confident in who I was as an individual and what I had to offer. I learned that controlling my food and my body would never lead to the fulfillment I truly desired. I want to help you realize the same thing so you can also live your healthiest and happiest life!  

I have a burning passion to show that your relationship with your body, food and exercise can be positive and intuitive.

I’m here to share tips to accept yoru body, yummy healthy recipes, fun and effective workouts!

Nobody’s journey to intuitive living and body acceptance is simple and straight – there are ups and downs, battles won and battles lost, positives and negatives. It can be a roller coaster ride! But, have you ever gotten off of a roller coaster wishing you hadn’t gotten on in the first place? The end result of feeling alive, thrilled and excited (about your life) is always worth all of the highs and lows on the journey. And I’m here to help you through those highs and lows.

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Random facts that might interest you

I was born in Ohio, but have lived in Texas since I was 2 weeks old.

I grew up playing soccer for 18 years, but believe Gymnastics was really the sport I was made for (catch me at a weekly Adult gymnastics class now).

I could watch the Food Network all day, every day.

Breakfast food (specifically Yogurt toast - check out my Instagram if you don’t know what I’m talking about) is the BEST food.

I have the best husband and fur babies in the world who support and encourage me in ALL that I do!